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2022-Fedora vs Trilby

Jul 28,2023 | fashionshat


What's the Difference Between Trilby and Fedora?

  1. Fabric:

    Fedora: A high quality material and construction for the fedora is a must. The first traditional fedoras were made of either a fur-felt or wool-felt hat. However, today's fedoras are made from any number of materials including straw, tweed, hemp, leather, and wool-synthetic blends. Generally, the timeless hat is typically made from durable felt or wool fabric. 

    Trilby: unlike the fedora, fabric isn't a defining characteristic of the trilby. It is a naturally more casual hat, and as a result tends to be made from more inexpensive materials such as cotton, straw, raffia, and wool felt.

  2. Brim:

    Fedora: the fedora hat brim should be 2 inches or slightly bigger with the option to rock the brim snapped up or snapped down in the front, back, or all around. And the wide-brim fedoras brim may be 3 inches or wider. Fedora can have a curled brim but are often flat and straight.

    Trilby: the short brim size is its most defining feature. The trilby has a narrower brim often curled up on the edges.

  3. Crown:

    Fedora: the fedora hat generally follows the center-crease crown style, such as teardrop crowns, diamond crowns, and telescope crowns.

    Trilby: the fedora and trilby both have the crowns with a center indentation and pinches at either side. But the trilby crowns are typically pointier than fedora crowns.

  4. Wear:

    Fedora: the fedora is a much more formal hat, it may be dressed up or dress down gracefully. Therefore, these hats make the ideal accessory option to wear to a semi-formal or formal event or occasion. To complete your look, just team your fedora with a sophisticated suit or pair of smart trousers with a fitted shirt and blazer, vest or coat. It should also be worn slightly over the eyes, rather than on the back of the head.

    Trilby: trilbies are often worn at the back of the head (like a halo hat) rather than leveled above the eyebrows. And because of the smaller brim, a trilby almost always looks way too small on the person wearing it. Aim for a smart casual or semi-formal look and pair the hat with slim trousers, a fitted shirt, loafers and unique accessories.

  5. Usage:

    Fedora: a fedora is worn more forward to help shade the eyes.

    Trilby: the stingy brim hat is indeed among the stingiest with virtually no protection for the eyes or face. It really only serves as a form of fashion with zero function.

Summary: check out our guide about the basics of the “Fedora vs Trilby”, hope to be useful to you.

Below is the table of “trilby vs fedora hat".

trilby vs fedora hat
Difference Fabric Brim Crown Wear Usage
Fedora traditionally, higher-end, durable material: wool or felt a wide brim size varying from 2 to 3 inches teardrop crowns, diamond crowns and many more a true gentlemen style;be worn slightly over the eyes upscale occasions;keep the elements off the wearer
Trilby less expensive material: often tweed or straw narrower brim often curled up on the edges trilby has a pointier crown than the Fedora more casual;be worn on the back of the head providing no practical purpose other than being a trendy headpiece

What's a Fedora Hat?

The definition of fedora

The fedora crown is usually four or four and a half inches, with a pronounced “pinch” in the front of the crown. A fedora has either a “teardrop” or a “center dent” crown, and these ornamentation are pressed an inch or two into the crown of the hat. They can also be lined or unlined and have a ribbon, cloth or leather sweatband. Small size feathers or chinstraps may also be added for decoration. Know more about fedora in wikipediafedora hat

History of fedora

The term fedora was in use as early as 1891. Its popularity soared, and eventually it eclipsed the similar-looking homburg.The word fedora comes from the title of an 1882 play by dramatist Victorien Sardou, Fédora, which was written for Sarah Bernhardt. The play was first performed in the United States in 1889. Bernhardt played Princess Fédora Romanov, the heroine of the play. During the play, Bernhardt – a noted cross-dresser – wore a center-creased, soft brimmed hat. The hat was fashionable for women, and the women's rights movement adopted it as a symbol. After Edward, Prince of Wales started wearing them in 1924, it became popular among men for its stylishness and its ability to protect the wearer's head from the wind and weather.Since the early part of the 20th century, many Haredi and other Orthodox Jews have made black fedoras normal to their daily wear.

Today, fedora hats are having a major moment not only as a men's hat, but also as a fashion statement for women.

Is it OK to wear a fedora? 

It looks best when paired with a suit and tie. Fancy dinner parties and weddings are great occasions, but avoid anything too serious like a funeral, as a fedora is simply out of place.

All right, my friend. Now that you know how to wear a fedora, it's time to actually do it. Browse our extensive selection of mens fedoras and womens fedoras and get ready to find that perfect headpiece that will not only make you look good, but feel good.

What's a Trilby Hat?

The definition of trilby

A trilby is a type of hat that features a short brim that is angled down at the front and turned up slightly at the back. Know more about trilby in wikipedia.

trilby hat

History of trilby

The hat's name derives from the stage adaptation of George du Maurier's 1894 novel Trilby. A hat of this style was worn in the first London production of the play, and promptly came to be called "a Trilby hat". Its shape somewhat resembles the Tyrolean hat.

Traditionally it was made from rabbit hair felt, but now is usually made from other materials, such as tweed, straw, heavyweight cotton, wool and wool/nylon blends. The hat reached its zenith of common popularity in the 1960s; the lower head clearance in American automobiles made it impractical to wear a hat with a tall crown while driving. It faded from popularity in the 1970s when any type of men's headwear went out of fashion and men's fashion focused on highly maintained hairstyles instead.

The hat saw a resurgence in popularity in the early 1980s, when it was marketed to both men and women in an attempt to capitalise on a retro fashion trend.

Are trilby hats fashionable?

Wearing a trilby correctly will make it fashionable. To wear a trilby, try embracing the hat’s youthful feel by styling it with modern designs and styles. Aim for a smart casual or semi-formal look and pair the hat with slim trousers, a fitted shirt, loafers and unique accessories. If you’re wearing your trilby in summer, choose a straw style in a light cream, white or beige colour. If you plan to wear a trilby in winter, you should select a felt design instead.

How to wear a trilby?

To wear a trilby, try embracing the hat's youthful feel by styling it with modern designs and styles. Aim for a smart casual or semi-formal look and pair the hat with slim trousers, a fitted shirt, loafers and unique accessories.

Types of the Fedora Hats

The fedora for men or women comes in a variety of styles and color. From straw fedoras to panama fedoras, this classic accessory has an option for everyone. Some of them are listed below. And Fashionshat  Hats can offer wholesale fedora hats for you.

Types of the Fedora Hats

Straw fedora hat

Straw fedoras are made of high-quality, durable and dexterous straws like hemp, wheat, raffia straw and paper straw. Crafted of straw, these hats are both stylish and useful in a range of different situations, such as gardening, beaching, camping, hiking, race day events. They can protect you against the sun's rays and keep you cool and comfortable.

Pork pie fedora hat

For a porkpie fedora hat, the top of the crown is pinched in & the crease is circular in design, which is also known as, a telescope crown. In addition, the brim is very short and points up. Most people refer to the brim type as having a stingy brim.

Wide brim fedora hat

A wide-brim fedora hat is any hat with a brim that measures 3 inches or more. Although they can be constructed from any number of materials, straw floppy hats have become a go-to womens sun hat for those long summer beach days. The added benefit of womens fedora hats with wide brims is that they immediately amp up your style in a way that no small hat can do.

Homburg fedora hat

Homburg hats are named after the town of Bad Homburg in Hesse, Germany, a spa destination famous for its healing waters. The homburg fedora hat has a tall round crown with a single center crease. Also, the brim is turned up all the way around, creating a curled-up effect along the edges similar to a cowboy hat. Even though some homburgs are wide-brimmed hats, they appear to have a stingy brim because of this distinctive upturned style. Know more about homburg fedora hat in wikipedia.

Panama fedora hat

A Panama fedora hat, also known as an Ecuadorian hat or a toquilla straw hat, is not from Panama but from the lowlands of western South America, primarily Ecuador. The hats were made from the plaited leaves of the Carludovica palmata plant. Therefore a panama hat is not a style but rather a hat from this particular straw material. Know more about panama hat in wikipedia.

Boater fedora hat

It is commonly associated with barbershop quartets, proper boating or sailing events, and men's formal summer wear from the late 1800's to mid 1900's. It is made of stiff straw or felt with a medium to wide brim, a shorter crown, and a flat top. 

Bowler fedora hat

The bowler hat is an iconic style that is typically seen in movies set in the 1800’s named after original hat makers, Thomas and William Bowler. They are typically a hard felt hat with a short curled brim of around 2 inches and a rounded crow.

Western fedora hat

“Cowboy” is pretty much a term used for any Western-style hat. Brims range from curved all the way around to just curled on the sides or completely flat.Along with brim size variation, they can have many different crown shapes as well including the pinch crown, “C” or teardrop, and center dent among others.

Trilby vs Fedora vs Panama

Below is the table of “trilby vs fedora vs panama”.

Difference Fabric Color Season Usage
Trilby tweed or straw multi-color autumn, winter more casual
Fedora wool or felt multi-color autumn, winter upscale occasions
Panama plaited leaves of the Carludovica palmata plant light-colored spring, summer breathable


Fedora vs Trilby vs Homburg

Below is the table of “fedora vs trilby vs homburg”.

Difference Crown Brim Occasions
Fedora creased lengthwise down the crown and "pinched" near the front on both sides wide brim upscale occasions
Trilby a creased tapered crown with a front pinch a shorter snap brim informal occasions
Homburg a tall round crown with a single center crease

turned up all the way around, creating a curled-up effect along the edges

Semi formal occasion


Trilby vs Fedora vs Pork pie

Below is the table of “trilby vs fedora vs pork pie”.

Difference Crown Brim
Trilby a creased tapered crown with a front pinch a shorter snap brim
Fedora the top of crown can be 6 different shapes wide brim
Pork pie the top of crown is pinched in & the crease is circular in design very short and points up