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Making Hats

Jul 28,2023 | fashionshat

Sorting Raw Wool

Most felt hats are made from wool. Before the felting process begins, the raw material is sorted and prepared for cleaning.

Cleaning the Wool

After sorting the wool and before a thorough acid washing, the wool is cleaned by hand.

Acid Washing The Wool

Still another cleaning, this time in acid, before the felt cones are manufactured.

Quality Inspection of Hoods

Wool felt hoods are inspected one piece at a time for consistency, quality, and size.

Making Wool Cones

Layer after layer of cleaned and sorted raw wool is made into cones that will be then pounded into felt hoods.

Blocking Hats

Hat bodies, made from either felt or straw, are blocked into hat shapes by way of hat blocking machinery. The shape is determined by the specific mold being used that fits these machines. Machines like these replaced hand-blocking, an art or craft that still continues to this day.

Cutting The Brim To Size

The brim of the hat is cut to the size that the customer has specified.

Applying Trims

Trimmings, for example grosgrain ribbons, leather hat bands, buckles, side feathers, etc. are applied to the specifications of the customer.

Preparing The Hat Linings

Hat linings are cut to size and prepared for insertion into the hat's interior.

Stitching In The Sweatband

Sweatbands-made from either leather, cotton, vinyl, etc.-are stitched into the hat's interior.

Applying Hat Linings

Hat linings are inserted into the hat's interior.

Buyer Inspection

Bruce Zales, one of Fashionshat designers, inspecting hats during production.

Weaving A Panama Hat

Panama Hats are from Ecuador. The plant material is woven by hand starting from the 'button' at the center of the crown.

Blocking A Panama Hat

The hand blocking of a panama hat is yet another example of the time and care it takes to make one of theses unique hats.

Dying Caps

Dying of the berets to the correct colour at the  factory in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Cotton Cap Making

Before our cotton cap are knitted, the cotton material is prepared and sorted on to spools.

Borsalino Making Felt Hat Bodies

Making felt hat bodies at the Borsalino factory in January 2006. Susan Lee of Village Hats visited the factory and captured this felt maker in action.

Borsalino Making Pencil Roll

Making a pencil roll in the brim of a hat at the Borsalino Hat Factory, January 2006. Susan Lee of Village Hats captured this worker in action.